Couple of questions about finishing a patchwork blanket

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a patchwork blanket that I’m hoping to finish in time to give for a holiday gift. To clarify - when I say “patchwork,” I mean it’s a bunch of individually knitted squares that will be sewn together. (Yeah, I know…I’m probably going to regret this choice. But I’ve tried mitered square/10-stitch blankets and it wasn’t pretty. I’m 20 squares in and there’s no turning back now…)

The blanket is just a bunch of 9-inch x 9-inch garter stitch squares, using Bernat Softee chunky yarn (100% acrylic.)

So anyway, my questions:

  1. I’m familiar with mattress stitch and seaming so I’ve got the technical part of that down. But I’ve never had to actually sew pieces together. If the seam is going to be invisible, does the yarn that I use to sew it together have to be the same weight as the yarn I used in the project? I’m wondering if I can stash-bust a huge, cheap worsted acrylic skein that is gathering dust by using it to sew this thing together? Or will using worsted weight to stitch together bulky weight yarn be a problem?

  2. I’m also considering adding an i-cord border. Does the yarn I use for the i-cord need to be the same weight as the main yarn, or can I use worsted? The i-cord was an afterthought after I’d already purchased blanket yarn and I probably won’t have enough of my blanket yarn left for a border, but I have some worsted yarn in my stash that would be the perfect color for it.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Sounds like a wonderful gift.
Worsted weight should be fine for seaming and I prefer it over bulky for seams. As long as you like the color with the rest of the squares, that’ll work.
Eunny Jang shows some other seams that you might consider in this video (see about 4 minutes):

The yarn for the I-cord doesn’t have to be the same weight. You can try the worsted weight but it may make too small a cord in proportion to the blanket. You could try holding 2 strands of the ww together and see if that gives you a better look. Basically it’s your preference.
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Thank you so much! That is exactly what I needed to know. That video is perfect as well!

Great! We’d love to see a photo when you finish putting the blanket together.