Couple of questions about charts and stiffing stuff

I made a chart of tinkerbell for my little girl and was wondering now that I have the chart what do I do? :rofling: I didn’t know if I should do the small or medium or so I did medium… however I have 96 blocks going across the bottom and 86 blocks going up the side :?? I was hoping to do a pillow does each block stand for a stitch? and how do you tell the guage or its your guage?? so confused… :rofling:

then I got this book Angel’s a knitters dozen by Gerdine Strong…I made one of the angels so now I need to stiffen it they suggest corn starch but I was wondering could I use Alleene’s Stiffner? would it work the same way?

TIA :thumbsup:

Each block on a chart stands for a stitch. The gauge really depends on what you use to knit it with. It could be enormous with large needles and bulky yarn, or much, much smaller with thin yarn and small needles.

So decide how wide you want the pillow to be, and work out how many stitches per inch you need to get that dimension.

Thank you Ingrid… although math and me don’t really mix well :rollseyes: but I’ll give it a shot… :smiley:

Let’s say you want it to be 24 x 24 inches. If you get 4 stitches per inch, then you’d need 96 stitches across. Since your chart is that wide, you’d need to use a thinner yarn. Let’s say you got 6 stitches per inch, you’d cast on 144 stitches and your chart would fit fine.

:cheering: yeah that makes sense which :shock: me LOL… First time I read I was like :?? how did she get those numbers and then it clicked… belive me even my mom and dad say can’t belive you are doing knitting when you have so much trouble with math… it has helped me some though I can think of additions in my head now where use to be I had to have paper, pen and all fingers available :oops: :rofling: :roflhard:

Thank you Ingrid :thumbsup:

Maybe they should have taught you math in a more practical context! Some of my students can tell you all about grams and ounces and kilograms, but can’t do a simple word problem. :rollseyes: Maybe they should start it with Mike has 2 kg that he has to divide into dime bags. . . :rofling:

Relevence makes math easier. :rollseyes:

:rofling: they should use knitting to teach math classes :rofling: