Couple of FO's and Starsky WIP

Group Photo: (from left to right=starsky sleeves, jason’s hat, krystiy’s slippers, starsky back, and across the top is starsky belt)

Jason’s hat (model is my loverly b/f :heart: ) Pattern Yarn used: Plymouth Encore Worsted Colorspun 7172.

3/4 view


I just hope he wears the damn thing. :rofling:

Krystiy’s slippers Part of her birthday present. Alomst done with the heart pillow. (I hate making them. :doh: ) Yarn used: Plymouth Jelli Beenz 217





Close up of back

Sleeves. One is an inch longer than the other. I don’t know how it happened. I think I can hide it in the cuff, though.

So, that’s pretty much my May knitting. :slight_smile:

Everything looks beautiful! I love the colors of the hat (and your DBF looks thrilled - but he’s a cutie :wink: ).

Starsky looks fantastic!

They’re all looking great, especially Starsky! What a great pattern!

Everything looks great – I especially love the Starsky!!

Everything looks great!! :thumbsup:

Everything is looking good!!! The more I see Starsky, the more I think about adding it to my project list…LOL, as if there’s any room on the list :rollseyes:

Your Starsky kicks bootie! Looks great.

Everything looks absolutely wonderful!

The Starsky is GREAT! It’s one of my all time favorite sweaters to wear! It’s been way too warm lately, but I’m looking forward to wearing it this fall. Hope you enjoy yours too!

WOW! Your busy!

I love the decrease on that hat! Its so cool! Everything looks beautimos!