Couple of advice questions please and thank you

Howdy folks,

I’m in the middle of making a groovy striped scarf (pun intended, this is my first real ribbed piece) and need advice on two issues. One is kind of weird (to me), the other is pretty easy.

I bought three skeins of merino for this. My [B]first issue[/B] is that one of them apparently had a split in the yarn at some point, so it looks like someone (knitting elves?) decided to tie the ends together very closely. I figured this was no big whoop. Hells, it may even be ‘normal’ for all I know, honestly, I’m a newbie.

Anyhoos, I knit past it and now I have a little fuzzy bump on top of one of my stockinette stitches and, frankly, it’s many kinds of annoying. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of this ugliness.

First I tried pushing it through to the other side, but the darned thing keeps popping back out. The way that the two ends were tied together left absolutely no slack, so I’m terrified of cutting it at all, lest I create a bigger mess.

What’s a newbie knitter to do??

[B]Second issue[/B], which is undoubtedly easier to answer: I’m doing a basic k5, p2*; p5, k2* rib. With merino, can I block this baby up when I’m done so it doesn’t curl at the edges? It’s a lovely piece, save for the sad curl.


First issue- I would frog back to the knot and spit-felt the ends together (fray the ends a bit, get them wet, put them together so they overlap a bit, and then rub them between your hands for all you’re worth!). I’m not sure what else you could do about it.

Second issue: yup, you can block it, and I would think it would get the curl out!

Hmmm. Well, unfortunately I’m like 5 rows beyond, so I’m kind of sad to hear that I should frog back. Maybe when I block it, the frays will seem less severe… Thoughts?

Also, does this random knot in the skein seem unusual? I was a little surprised to see it.

Thanks for the thinks

Knots in the skein will happen from time to time. Sometimes more often then others, depending on the manufacturer.

Next time, you should cut the knot off and figure out then a better way to join the 2 ends. The felted join Abbily described is good. If you can’t felt them, sometimes I’ll overlap them for 2-3 inches and knit with the 2 strands together as one. There are probalby a couple videos here int he video section on joing a new ball.

Interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Knots in your yarn are annoying but not uncommon. I normally do as Marilyn suggests and cut out the knot. I then do a felted join for wool or just work it as if I am starting a new skein and weave in the ends later.

Yeah, those nasty knots. Don’t knit them or as you have discovered they will be back to haunt you. Are you the gal who was knitting the scarf with beads? If you have knit beads in and that was a lot of extra work the 5 rows might seem like a lot, but 5 rows on a scarf? Piece of cake. LOL I rip WAY more than this out regularly.

One good way to manage the ripping out without worrying about the stitches is to take the work off the needles and rip out to the row before the problem and then tink the last row one at a time putting them back on the left hand needle. Then you are ready to try again. If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you, but knitting is. LOL (I just heard the first part of that saying and had to use it.)

I suggest frogging it now.
Better 5 rows than 2 skeins later after the knowledge of the knot gnaws away at your soul so long that you can’t take it any more.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH so true! I’m working on a cable baby blanket, nearing the end. WAY BACK I made a ONE STITICH mistake and decided to leave it. Now, every time I pick it up I look at the mistake and wish I had FIXED IT!!!

The joy is gone:waah:

Mine was into my 3rd super saver skein on a 8’ crochet blanket (my first yarn project). I knew I was too tight before the first skein was done but I didn’t want to undo all that work.

Whoa. I honestly didn’t mean for this thread to turn into a field report from the battle squad! :teehee: But I do appreciate the notes.

As I get closer to completing this piece, I’m wondering about the blocking process since I’ve never done it. Again, I’m just trying to flatten my piece out. So for merino, do you guys rec spraying it or submerging?

I’ve googled this and seen conflicting reports.

Thanks again