Coupla questions about wool soakers

I have a pattern from little turtle knits for a nappy wrap - it’s the ribby wrap.

I can’t get the suggested yarn in time from the US, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest a nice soft against the skin equivalent?

The pattern recommends 2 ply (worsted) which knits to a gauge of 18st x 26r stockinette on size 7 needles.

Also, I’ve read that you need to treat wool wraps with lanolin a couple of times before using them, but the pattern doesn’t mention this at all. Has anyone made a wrap and treated/not treated it?

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

I’ve made soakers from Malabrigo (mmmm!) and Knitpicks Merino Style. Both are very soft. Of course they pill a lot, but that’s the nature of merino. :smiley: I know a lot of people use Cascade 220 also. Not quite as soft, but not as pilly.

I don’t cloth diaper (Dh was not on board :wink: ) but I have lots of frends who do…from what I understand you only need to lanolize every month or two. I don’t think you need to lanolize befor ethe first wearing – the wool should have enough lanolin in it (before washing) to be repellent.