Coupla FOs

I made the Aibhlinn for my sister’s birthday. I thought she might wear it on her sail boat off Lopez Island, WA.

It turned out a bit bulkier than did the pattern creator’s, but I think it will be cozy. It was relaxing to make and I would knit it again.

The purse is an original that I made up as I went along.

Wow, looks gorgeous and I just love that color. Did you find the bobbles hard to do? Just curious because I’ve never done them before, and Ive found lots of patterns that I’d like to do, but they intimidate me! Also, the bag has beautiful colors too. Nice job on both!

:thumbsup: I love both. So nice that the purse is completely original - extra special!

Hi Tammy,

The bobbles were easy. You just knit into the same stitch a bunch of times (front, back, front, back, front–that way you make 5 new stitches), turn the work and knit, turn and purl, … until you pass all the stitches over and bobble!!!

The Aibhlinn is very elegant looking, and I am in :heart: with that purse!!! :inlove:

:smiley: Love them both :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :thumbsup:

Just beautiful!

I really l :heart: ve the colors on that bag!

Great job!

Gorgeous and I love the color! And that purse – sooooo cute!!!