Country 5 strand roving?

I was just givin a drop spindle, so I wanted to buy some roving. I explained to the shop owner that I was new at this and she told me to buy Briggs and Little country roving. Turns out it looks more like pencil roving and it is 5 stranded. What am I suppose to do with this? When I spin it do I spin all 5 strands at once or do I separate them? The roving basically looks already spun all I am doing is adding a twist to it. It almost looks like you could just knit with it the way it is.

:shrug: I’ve never heard of an already plied roving, and 5 plies at that? It seems kinda pointless to me. :??

ETA: I did some googling and it seems that this is used as a yarn, and not so much for hand spinning. You CAN spin it, but why? It’s already ready to knit with.

Well, it was made to knit the way it is like a discontinued “yarn” called white buffalo. If there’s absolutely no twist whatsoever in the plies you can in theory draft all five plies together. You can separate the plies and just add twist like a normal pencil roving, or you can just return it which is what I personally would do.