Countonknit flexi circular needles

anyone bought one ? did you like it ?? thanks

I was just putting my needle inventory on Ravelry and saw that I have 2 circular needles with steel cables. I haven’t used them as yet, but I do notice that they don’t curl the way nylon does.
The sizes I have are size 1 and 2 one is 16" the other 29". I think they are at least 15-20 years old so I don’t know how they would compare to counton’s brand, but they look like they would be ok to work on.

hi thanks …do you think the yarn will be caught on the steel cable ??? just like a bracelet …sometime will caught my fine hair on my wrist ???

No, I have a steel cable circ and it works well! It’s not quite as flexible as my Options, but I have no problems with it.

I slid some wool I’m workin with back and forth on the cable and it didn’t catch, but I don’t think it will slide as easily as it would on nylon cable. It might work better with slippery yarns. Kind of like using bamboo instead of metal tips.
I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more of these (I think hubby got the one’s I have at Goodwill.), but they seem to be as flexible as the nylon cable.

Hi Plant Goddess

Many thanks for your input but I don’t think that they can be the same needle - the only length available in this particular metal cable is 83cm (33 inches) and no one has got back to me about the yarn not sliding easily; I’m sure they would have by now if it did.

All the Best

I just got my needles from Ellie and knit a swatch of Tofutsies on size 00. I loved the fabric it made (about 10 stitches/inch) and there was absolutely no snagging. The yarn slid on on those needles as well as on my Options needles. I was pleasantly surprised at the flexibility of the cable and very happy that I could get a 00 size.