Counting stitches over lace pattern?

I have a patern that gives the guage over a lacey pattern. Do I only count stitches or do ‘holes’ count as a stitch?

Hmmm…Technically, I guess you would count the holes as a stitch, but that could be kind of confusing. I think I’d do a swatch, not bind it off, and try to make sure I stretched the stitches across the needle evenly so it wasn’t pulling. Then I’d measure the stitches wrapped on my needle.

Thanks for your reply.

I think I came to roughly the same conclusion as you.

I think I will be leaving this project on the backburner for a little while longer. I have enough to keep me busy for the moment anyway.

What I do, and I don’t know how “correct” this method is…I make the swatch a decent width (ie. wider than the number of stitches mentioned in the gauge/4") and then if, for example, the gauge given is 20sts/4" I will count 20 stitches on my needle, then go down from each end of that set to somewhere in the middle of the swatch, and measure across. Does that make sense?

Makes perfect sense.


Some patterns say the pattern repeat equals so many stitches. Or if the gauge given happens to be the pattern repeat, then it’s easier to figure.