Counting stitches for guage

Nothings makes one feel like a newb like not being able to count. :aww:

Pattern reads: Five stitches per inch. :think:

How do you count that? Do I make a few rows having only cast on five stitches and parallel to the needles they should be an inch? Do I knit so five rows are hanging down and they make an inch? And while we are on the topic of counting…how do you count stitches after they are on? When I look at the “material” I have been counting each little V as one stitch…but I have a lurking feeling I’m doing things somewhat wrong.

After four boys I’m pregnant with my first girl, and have knitting fever like madness! My little hats and booties are coming out cute, but I’m a little fearful to tackle my first pair of soakers just yet until I can at least measure my gauge right and count stitches. :teehee:

forgive me if this is an over post or redundant question for you all, I looked around a bit but didn’t really see any topics quite this…uh…simple…:cool:

Thanks ladies-your input is invaluable!

ETA: omg…meant to post this in the questions/how to forum. OY! Please forgive-move if needed thanks!

When you want to check your gauge, you should cast on enough stitches to have a swatch that’s more than 4 inches wide. So for a pattern calling for 5 stitches per inch, cast on about 24 or so.

Then, after you work a couple of inches, you can measure 5 stitches with a ruler, parallel to the needle at a few places to measure your gauge. And, yes, count the V’s.

To get exact gauge for length, the suggestion is to knit 4 inches worth and measure the rows, as well.

The stitch gauge (stitches per inch) is much more important than row gauge, since you can make something to a specific lengh once you’ve started, but can’t make it wider or narrower.

If you have too many stitches per inch, they’re too small. Make another swatch with larger needles. Too few stitches per inch, they’re too big–try a smaller needle.

Makes total sense now. Thank you. I was lost in V’s and nubs and rows, buried in yarn trying to simply count :teehee:

Off to make some soaker gauge swatches-I may just start my first tonight!! :slight_smile:

You could also take the 5 stitch times it by 4 inches to get 20 stitches and count that way.