Counting sloped bind-off after the fact

G’day folks,

I was doing a sloped bind-off the other day (the kind where you leave two stitches unworked at the end of the row) and did not keep my notes accurately.

I cannot seem to work out how to count how many I bound off in each section.

I probably need to do a swatch but just thought I’d ask in case anyone knew.


I’ve done and still do the same thing. If the row isn’t too long I count the remaining stitches. Not sophisticated but can work.


Small update – realised that the problem was that I was doing the sloped bind-off wrong. You are supposed to leave one stitch unworked at the end of the row before each bind off segment, not two.

I may also have been randomly doing it right and wrong along the shoulder I completed.

I will post a photo of my (hopefully) correct swatch tomorrow.

I will have to pull out and re-do the completed shoulder. Oh well, it’s only a few rows. Then I will take proper notes and do the slope right on both sides in one session!

Yes, that is definitely a good way to do it. I will pull out the shoulder I did the other week, count carefully, add markers, and do the other shoulder straight after. And take notes!


Since you’re redoing it anyhow you might want to consider using short row shaping, then a three needle bind off for your seam. I love a sloped bind off but have to look up how to do it every time. Sometimes skipping the bind off actually works better. Knitters have options.


Ooh I liked that video. Thanks for sharing. What a neat edge!
I have done stepped and sloped shaping before but never this, I think I’ll try it next time, it looks so neat. What I don’t like in the sloped shaping is an enlarged stitch and bit of a hole, it’s better then the stepped shape but this short row shaping looks even better.

I have so much to learn.

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If you like a different short row technique you can use it instead of wrap and turn. I’ll quit knitting when I’ve learned all there is too learn. Since I seem to learn something new almost every day I have no plans to ever quit knitting. :star_struck:

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