Counting rows

I recently posted this question and got conflicting answers so I thought I’d try again! Do the live stitches on the needle count as a completed row when counting rows? I understand that you do not usually count the cast on row. Thank you for your help.

I think you are still likely to get conflicting answers. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule. Some folks do it one way some the other. I think just as long as you do it the same way throughout the piece you are making that things will work out fine. It is possible that with some super bulky yarn and big needles it might matter more, but even then as long as you are consistent it should be fine. I have never known a “rule” and do it one way sometimes and then the other way and it has never caused any disasters.

Yeah, just be consistent whichever way you count them and it’ll be fine. One row more or less is what – 1/7 of an inch?

I agree with just being consistent! I always just count the row of live stitches. :slight_smile: