Counting rows

I am a Newbie!! Is there a way to count rows, easily? I want to be able to put it down and start where I left off without messing up my pattern.

I either use a row counter, or a scrap piece of paper and pencil, or photocopy the pattern and scribble in the margin - depends on what I’m knitting!

I usually use a row-counter.

I keep my patterns in plastic sheet protectors. I started out with a post-it note stuck to the protector, and ticking off rows as I went…but I quickly got tired of putting down the knitting and picking up the pencil. Now I either use a row counter, or I mark off rows on the plastic with an erasable marker.

You can also get to the point where you count what’s been knitted. Each row of v’s is a knit row. You don’t count the ones on the needles because they haven’t been worked yet.

If I haven’t knit too many rows I just count the V’s. If the work has gone on for a while I find it usually tells you to measure it, not go by rows. I do use a counter for pattern rows and like how easy it keeps me where I should be.

I can only count V’s on plain stockinette for about 10 rows, after which my eyes begin to play tricks on me. So I put a coiless safety pin every 10 rows and count by tens to get the total number of rows.

My eyes get buggy, too, when I count, so I use the point of a needle to put in the ‘hole’ of each stitch. It holds my place while I ‘readjust’ my eyes.