Counting rows

when counting the purl “bumps” , does each bump represent a knit and a purl? so if i have 10 bumps, will i knit 5 rows and purl 5 rows? eg. 5 knit rows + 5 purl rows = 10 purl bumps?

oh my…thinking hard…

ya, there’s generally 2x as many “ridges” as rows.

but PLEASE someone correct me if I’m wrong, cuz I am dead beat tired!!!

I thought it was the other way around- twice as many rows as ridges.

If you are doing garter stitch–knit every row, you can count the ridges and multiply by two to get an easy row count. With garter, each ridge is really one row and each space between them is a row, but counting the ridges is easier.

For stockinette, I never count on the purl side because it’s so much easier to count the v’s on the knit side.

does the same hold true for the v’s in stockinette? ie, count them and mulitply by 2?

No. Each v in stockinette is one row.

The only reason you mulitply ridges in garter is because the knit row between the purl rows is less easy to see. Counting the ridges is just faster.

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uff…I said I was tired…I thought 2x as many ridges as rows…I multiply the ridges I have x 2, and that gets me the rows I have…I shoudla kept quiet…lol…welcome to my warped math brain.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I kinda understand your brain!!! samm

I kinda understand your brain!!! samm

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