Counting Rows & Pattern Repeats?

Hi all! I’m new to knitting. I have a pattern that has a four row repeat with a pattern on the second and third rows. I downloaded a row counter app. However, I am confused as to how I should count rows and/or pattern repeats. Do I restart the counter at the end of the 4th row or do I need to determine which number rows are the pattern rows prior to knitting, i.e. row 2, 3, 6,7?

Thanks for your help.

If there are four rows in the pattern repeat (I’m assuming from the way you wrote it that you do something special on second and third rows but just work across on rows 1 and 4.) you work all four of the rows and then go back again to row 1 and work all 4 over. And keep repeating that. The way I would do it is to start counting over after each 4 and always remember that the special stuff is on rows 2 and 3.

I would change the counter right after completing each row. So work row 1, put counter on 1. Work the special pattern on row 2. Change counter to 2. Do the special pattern on row 3, change counter to 3. Work row 4 change counter to 4. And repeat that as many times as needed.

I’m sure there are other ways to utilize the counter. You may think of one that makes better sense to you.

Thanks MerigoldWA for your help. Your explanation was great, and now I know how to use a counter! This is the first time i’ve knitted to a pattern, and how to use stitch markers and row counters was confusing to me.