Counting rows in garter stitch?

For some reason I just forgot how to count the rows for garter stitch??? :wall: I want to make a trial bag before I go for the real yarn. I need thirty six rows for the bottom of the bag. For some silly reason I didn’t use my row counter for this. I just wrote down the rows as I went :oops: Yup got side tracked and now I don’t know how many more rows I need. :pout: I tried to google how to but really didn’t give me what I wanted. :doh:
does one row of bumps count as two? I just feel so silly that I don’t know how to count these.
Any help will make this silly old knitter very happy.


One “bump” counts as 2 rows. You did remember!

Diane :thumbsup:

oh thank you for the answer. I thought that was how to do it. But I wanted to make sure.
Again thank you for the answer. :muah:

gingerbread (aka Teri)