Counting pearl and knit rows

Hi! I am a newbie with a really silly question, I guess but when I want to know how many rows I have knitted or pearled what is the easiest way to tell the number of pearl rows or number of knit rows?

I know a knit stitch from a pearl stitch but I mean when there is are a group of rows.

Anybody know if there is a good video or tutorial that would show this?

I have been counting one pearl bumb as one row. Is this correct? Then is the low spot between pearl rows also a separate row?

Am I making any sense at all to anyone?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help “unconfuse” me.

It depends on whether you are working in stockinette or in garter stitch. When counting stockinette, I count each “V” {or purl “bump”} as a single row. When counting rows of garter, I count each row of bumps as two rows. Clear as mud?


Thanks for the help. Your answer was clear enough and made me feel better since I had done that and it worked but I just needed some reassurance.

Guess I’m getting the hang of this after all.

I have just started my first pair of socks in fingerling weight yarn and #2 needles and am feeling a little unsure of myself. So far all of the socks (2 pairs) that I have made have been in worsted weight and seemed less intimidating. Maybe the difference in discount store yarn versus the more expensive yarn I am using this time has something to do with it huh?

Thanks again for the help.

U should try using bigger needles…maybe size 10-13…2 is too small, especially for newbies. i haven’t even gone that small! tehehe. fingering yarn is also thin…u should use cotton for yarn. it’s easier to see ur mistakes and fix them. Just a suggestion! Happy knitting! :smiley: