Counting CO as first row

i know the long-tail makes a row of knits, so you can start with a P row if you’re working in stockinette… this is the CO i use most often, but sampling the cable cast-on now and my first knit row (garter) seemed to make a row of stockinette V’s. Is there a rule on counting the cast-on row as your first row or is it a preference thing?


I think it’s totally a preference thing. I never do, some people always do. :shrug:

I don’t, because it makes a row of really short stitches that shouldn’t be counted. But, that also means it won’t make much difference if you do count it, so like Ingrid said, it’s just preference.

If you do anything other than the long tail cast on, you can’t count it at all.

i have thus far never counted it, i kinda like the edge the long-tail makes, but the V’s from the cable cast-on made me question it. I’m going to continue with not counting unless a pattern says to for some reason. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any time!