Counting Bind Offs?

(Cast off is the same as bind off, right?)

When do you count the first bind off? You have to k2 before you finish a cast off, so I guess the first time you “pass the 1st stitch over the 2nd” would be 1 bind off?

So if a pattern says “cast off 3 sts. k2…” I should end up doing that “pass the 1st stitch over the 2nd” 3 times before I do the k2, correct?

Yes, cast off and bindoff are the same thing. You count the sts you pass over, not the sts you knit, because you have to knit an extra to get a st to bind off. The st on the right needle will be the first one of the next set of sts.

Sometimes when casting off, you count differently, you should be aware of this as with some patterns, this can lead to confusion.