Counterfeit Crochet!

Crocheters cross over to the wrong side of the law!


I have heard of counterfeit knitting which is the crochet technique of Tunisian Crochet and it looks like knitting ( Tunisian is also afghan crochet and many other names). How about knitting which looks like crochet? When you counterfeit it can be as good as the original depending on how good the maker of the counterfeit is.

Yes i saw it on youtube a few weeks back and have had ago. personally i quite like the look of it and have been playing about with swatches etc. its soo easy and does fast which is great. to me it doesnt look as good as knitting but still is different

Cute :slight_smile:

This is an article about crocheted, knockoff designer bags rather than a technique. I think this might just catch on!

Those bag look awsome and I’m one of those people who cant see paying $40 for a bag let alone $100.

How funny! I am by no means fancy-pants in any way and have no desire for designer anything- but I have a relative that is and it would be hilarious to make her one of these bags just to see her face. She would NEVER use it!

hee hee

Wow I think they are so cute. I’d make one if I could crochet good enough