Count your blessings!

I just wanted to share what happened to me on Wednesday night with everyone who will listen.

My dog Wootie (pictured in my avatar) is, among other things, an avid ball player. He sort of has a routine of driving us nuts right before bed, barking at us to throw his ball.

I was laying in bed reading while hubby was washing up for bed and Wootie was insisting on me throwing his ball. I threw the ball, he jumped off the bed to get it, and I heard a small thud which was him hitting the door. It wasn’t a major sound I didn’t think and hes always ruff when it comes to the ball.

I yelled "Wootie your going to kill yourself with that stupid ball!! Hubby walked to the doorway, looked down, and there was Wootie, laying on his back, completely unconscious. Hubby scooped him up and we ran to the car.

We realized he was not breathing. Hubby performed CPR on him, and by the grace of god, got him to breathe. The entire 20 minutes it took us to get to the emergency vet, Wootie lay in my arms the same way we found him, as I blew breaths into his mouth.

I was praying the entire way there for my baby to be okay. Not too many people understand how very much I love this dog, he couldn’t die, no way. From waking up in the middle of the night to his little bark, wanting a drink out of the cup I keep on my nightstand for him, to carrying him around in a pet sling while I clean the house, this dog is my soul.

Wootie was given manitol, a drug to stop brain swelling, and put in an oxygen tank. His pulse grew stronger and he became more responsive throughout the night. He spent the night at the ER vet, and all day yesterday at his regular vet. He is doing very well. Still a little off balance so I am carrying him everywhere.

I am sorry this post turned out so long, I will get to my point. When I was a little girl, I knew nothing about god. My family was not religious, all I knew I had learned from friends. I recall laying in bed a few times and saying “if there is a god, he will turn on my bedroom light right now so I will know he’s real.”

Well, maybe not literally, but figuratively, but in my mind, god turned on my bedroom light Wednesday night. My little boy is alive and doing good! I know 1000% it is gods work. So, whether it be your kids, husband, pets, or whatever, be thankful for everything you have!! Know that miracles do happen, my little boy is proof of it!! Thank you for listening! :hug:

Thank God many times during your day. Glad little Wootie is on the mend. We have a Rotti and he is getting old - - he is my baby of 108 lbs. We have 6 grandchildren – and he is treated just like one of them. Good news he is okay.

I’m so glad Wootie is ok! :hug:

So glad he’s okay. I know how you feel. I prayed that mine didn’t have cancer like the first vet had said and thankfully she didn’t. She’s my baby as I have no children.

Oh my goodness, that poor sweet little pup! I’m so glad he’s ok and I hope he has a quick recovery!

OMG! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him, Erica! My dog does that sometimes and I always worry. I don’t think I’ll throw things off the bed for her anymore.


I do understand how you feel about your Whootie. My Maddiedog is the nearest thing I’ve ever had to a daughter . . . she knows my every mood, and :teehee: just looked up at me as I typed her name.

We’ve not been home during the day for three weeks now, been spending so much time helping out with the little one. Maddie is 14, and I hate leaving her.

We had a cat, a marmalade male, who knocked himself out once, missing the counter; he was a kitten, and I thought he was dead, but he had more than nine lives as we found out over the next 19 years.

I’m so glad you baby is OK.

Thank you! :hug: He is doing so much better! Besides a few balance issues, he is back to his old self again. I cringe at the thought that he will be wanting to play ball again soon. Hubby and I already decided no more ball in the house, there is just too much that can go wrong.

I think not throwing toys off the bed anymore is a great idea. I guess it just takes one time of them landing wrong for something really bad to happen, it’s just not worth it!

AWW… I hate leaving them too… I think both of my dogs just sleep the whole time I am gone.

I am glad your cat was ok after the incident, and lived so long. That really gives me hope that Wootie will not have any long term effects.

Congrats on the new baby :balloons: She is adorable, you must be so proud!!

Congrats on the new baby She is adorable, you must be so proud!!

Thank you, we are very proud grandparents. If she just didn’t have the medical stuff going on, life would be perfect.

You know, people really shouldn’t let their dogs jump off of beds. Our vet says that why Mads has a torn crucious tendon, which is very painful to her at times. For years she slept in between my DH and I. Of course, she’s a 60 pound dog, so that’s a lot more pressure on joints than Whootie would have.

I’m so happy for you that your pup is better, what a relief for you.

I’m so glad to hear he’s doing well! poor creature!

honestly animals can be so foolish sometimes, I remember I heard a huge clatter once and it was because my rabbit had squeezed behind the washing machine and got stuck, and some things had fallen on top of him. He was completely spooked and getting him out from behind there was a major deal (I had to climb on top of the washer and haul him out). My rabbit is completely my baby, I love him with all of my heart, so I know exactly how you must have felt!

big hugs for W, may he learn from the experience!

So glad Wootie is okay and on the mend. I think all of us with pets can understand how you felt. They are our babies. Give Wootie a pat from me.

OH I am so happy things worked out…

Life feels like giving us a jump start every now and again…!