Count on Limey's Stitch Markers

Hi All,

I thought you might like to see a pic of the Stitch Markers i had from Limey.
The lighting in my apartment is quite poor ,so I asked Limey to send me a pic. Thanks Ellie :heart:
The set is call[COLOR=blue] English Meadow.[/COLOR][COLOR=black] They are very light and beautiful. Excellently made and do not snag on any of my knitting:)[/COLOR]
Limey has many sets of markers on her site , along with stitch holders. Which i think would make great gifts and stocking fillers.
Take a look for yourselves

I love my stitch markers from Limey, unlike others I have they don’t catch on the yarn.

I haven’t used my stitch holders yet, (I have a small one and a larger one) I haven’t as yet made anything that needs one. I do however use the small stitch holder as a ‘stick pin’ for my shawl from KH. I’ve had lovely comments on both.

I’d also like to add that I just got some the Flexi needles from her
site and they are really nice! I plan to get more as my budget
allows. :slight_smile:


Very pretty

Rita and Limey, they are so pretty and delicate looking.

Oh I really love them one day which is coming up soon:happydance:

Those are so pretty!

I have a set from Limey as well and I want more! They’re so pretty. I’m using them right now to mark the beginning of a round on a baby sock I’m making…can’t put it on the needle as it’s too small, but it works great for what I need it for :slight_smile:

I like the little flowers, oh so cute! I have a set of Limey’s markers too and I use them all the time. The hooks that can be snapped onto the needle are genius!

I :heart: my Limey markers - I have English Meadow in the longer style.

Doh! Now I’m going to have to explain yet another mystery package to my fiance, because I want a set!

[COLOR=DarkRed]“Yes, dear… I DO need them.” bats eyelashes[/COLOR]

LOL i am sure he will understand . Just tell him that they are important for your next project :roflhard:


Glad you liked them Boo :slight_smile:

Try the old “these things? I’ve had them forever you just don’t remember them” I do this all the time with yarn, shoes, etc.

Yes I am guilty of that also!
Those stitch marker are so nice though I think I will have to treat myself to some x

That’s brill, I’ll be using that, thanks!


Oh! I dunno what to say! … [U]thank you all so much[/U] for your very kind and generous comments.

I’m really sorry not to have acknowledged your threads before now but I’ve just about slept the clock round :sleepy: since yesterday.

I’ve been going absolutely :zombie::eyes: overboard this past week or two with the bead addiction, finding the right type of product to make into stitch markers.

I wanted to find something a bit different because [I]Simply Knitting [/I]magazine has been in touch and told me that they’ll be featuring the Countonknit stitch markers in the edition published 28 Feb.

I’ll post a couple of pictures here of just some of the new markers, plus a wheeze I had for a stitch holder.

[COLOR=Black]Thank you all so much again for your kind words; it’s so encouraging to know that knitters, and KH ers especially, enjoy using my knitting products.

Warmest Wishes
Ellie (the other one)

Sorry, the pics aren’t the best - I’m just trying out colour backgrounds and whatnots.

I’d like to add my praise for the needles. I LOVE them :heart: Lovely sharp points, the needle is nice and smooth, and the metal cable ones are great because they don’t curl up.

The other stuff is great too. Nice quality, good price and very pretty! :mrgreen:

I want them liqourice allsorts markers lol. They are just pure genius Ellie.
So clever. I am sure that they will be a massive hit:) The flowers are sweet and the pineapple stitch holder is to die for . Just so pretty and great workmanship.