Couldn't resist

I felt like yarnshopping. Bad idea.
Went to this other shop, because my favorite LYS closed a while ago.

So went to the old lady, and said that I didn’t have a project in mind but I wanted to look at yarn, and she showed me some yarn and we talked some, and I saw bamboo yarn. She told me she regretted having bought so much, because it wasn’t selling well.
Then, she almost threw me out to finish eating, and I decided I’d relieve her by buying all her bamboo yarn.

So I went home with 18 skeins of bamboo yarn in white and light green.

The yarn is not very thick, so I think I’ll take 3 strands together, for a nice big scarf. (So I have the equivalent of 6 skeins, which should be more than enough)


Sounds like something I would do!!! lol


The [I]old[/I] lady? :roll: I’m sure you mean the saleslady or clerk right?

That’s a lot of yarn! What kind is it?

She’s 83, and still runs the shop, has 2 hours bus per day. Must be hard…

It’s 100% bamboo. Something I always wanted.
I’ve never seen much of it around, especially here, so I just took it all.

Already cast on… :smiley:

Since she regretted buying so much because it wasn’t selling: I hope she was appreciative enough of you taking it all that she gave you a good discount.

I’ve used 100% bamboo and really liked working with it. I was surprised at how heavy (weight wise) the finished sweater was. I made a simple feather and fan pattern and always get compliments when I wear it.

She made me a price, she did. But she would have made me a price for everything else as well I think. On other yarns she already told me “I could make you a price”.

That’s good to hear that bamboo is heavy, because that’s just what I want. A wonderful heavy, big broad scarf. To snuggle up.

I love bamboo yarn. I have made a couple of projects with it and enjoyed every minute of them. I also have a hand woven scarf made from bamboo it is so soft against my skin. Be sure an show us pictures when your finished. :slight_smile: