Couldn't resist

I found this yarn (Rowan Tapestry - Antique) at my LYS last night and bought 2 balls of it. It’s so pretty! I thought I’d make a scarf out of it. I’m looking for pattern suggestions that would show off the colors. Any thoughts?

That looks totally yummy! I’m not sure what to make with it to show off the colours pattern wise but it looks delicious!

ooh purty! I just made the Rainy Day scarfin a similar color of Malabrigo. Here is a picture of how it turned out. It is a super easy pattern - just knits and purls.

Kristin - that’s pretty! Thanks for the suggestion. I’m wondering if I purchased enough yarn?! Oh well, I suppose I could be swayed into going BACK to the LYS for more yarn… :smiley:

I love that yarn. I have been wanting the rainbow one to do Branching Out but have major lace knitting issues. Ohhh but that yarn is yummy.