Could you do away with dpns?

By no means am I against dpns–using some for a sock right now, but technically, could you ONLY use circs and magic looping? I’m thinking about it from a purchasing perspective, buy circs or dpns? Would I just end up with both anyways? Especially since the KP Harmony sets are so pretty?

You [I]could[/I] manage without dpns. I find that although I love working with 2 circs for sleeves and such, sometimes dpn’s are just the thing for mittens and socks. If there aren’t a lot of stitches, I don’t like having to fiddle with extra needles and loops.:shrug: But that’s just me.

I never use anything but circs anymore. I have a drawer full of DPNs, but I never use them. I make everything from toe to top - socks to hats. :slight_smile:

I don’t use dpns either. Magic loop all the way for me!

I don’t know–I think dpns are just easier for me. Maybe if I had KP or another cable that was easier to magic loop with, but since I don’t have the Options, I’ll stick to dpns. I am, however, considering buying this kit which comes with two fixed kp circs.

oh–nice. Does KP NOT have interchangeable size 2? Or anything smaller than 4? I’ll have to look again!?

in the interchangeables they have 4-17s and in the fixed, they have 0-11. I understand that they can’t do the interchangeables down to 0, but you would think that they could do the fixed up to 17. Weird

I have 1 set of dpns I bought several ages ago because they were on sale and I wanted to learn how to use them. I do occasionally, but they’re in a size I don’t use often. Mostly they make good cable needles. I use circs for everything and have duplicates in nearly every size I do use so I can use 2 if ML is too fiddly.

You’ll need them for i-cords, won’t you? That’s a little difficult with ML :slight_smile:


You can do an i-cord without DPNs. Say you want a 3-stitch i-cord: knit 3. Swap which hands the needles are in. Knit 3 again. Repeat as necessary. Clumsier, possibly, but I haven’t noticed much of a time loss due to not digging out a DPN. :slight_smile:

I also much prefer circs. I think dpns are just too much to hold. My boyfriend has promised me the harmony wood set of knitpicks for my birthday and i keep going back to the website just to oogle them. My birthday is in march…

You can do I cord with circs too; they’re just a dpn with a cord…

I ONLY use Magic Loop :slight_smile:

I use it in place of things that DPN’s are ‘supposed’ to be for, and it makes ICord just fine as well :wink:


I could easily do away with straight and dbl pt needles - I can’t remember the last time I used them. I make socks & i-cords all the time w/circs.

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I love my DPNs…so…you wanna give yours a new home??? :teehee:

I don’t particularly like Magic Loop but use two cirs for fair isle socks and such. I feel so much more connect to past generations of knitters with my DPNs…and it always mystifies muggles! :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I feel no need to be connected to generations past, I thoroughly enjoy using two circs or Magic Loop for anything, including i-cords. DPN’s are too much to handle, and I love not have to worry about dropping stitches off them.

I feel the same…although I use magic loop instead of 2 circs…sometimes I think the dpns work better…I haven’t used any straight needles though since I got my first interchangeable set :teehee:

I haven’t used any straight needles though since I got my first interchangeable set

Exactly, Jan, I should have just waited for you to post!

I don’t own a single dpn. I have a few Addi turbos from when I first started knitting, and have the KPO and Harmony sets, as well as the smaller fixed options. They are all I need for any project.

I can’t remember where I read it (I thought it came from Amy but I can’t find the video now), when using two circs you don’t need 4 tips of the same size, as long as the needle you are knitting [B]onto[/B] is the correct size, you can be knitting [B]off[/B] of one a size smaller…

The Denise needles come with a brochure of helpful hints and that was one of the tips on it