Could use some advice on decreasing P2K2 HAT

Hi everyone,
It has been a while since I have posted on the forum. I just started knitting again since the only thing I have knitted successfully are hats and it is winter again:)

I have knitted several hats and they all seemed too tight and weird so I tried a P2K2 hat thinking that may help it be looser.I did it P2K2 cause I read somewhere that it would be easier to decrease, but now I think that may not be true.

I am knitting in the round using size 8 circs with sportweight cotton yarn…this is the only yarn I have found that I really like the colors. It’s Sugar n Cream brand.

Anyway, since I am doing it this way, I am very leery about using dpn’s like I normally do. I am afraid that with the decrease, 3 needles and alternating purls and knits that I will get confused, so I thought I would try the 2 circ technique for the first time. I am worried about starting that. Is it easy to start…or is there a good chance that I will mess up the stitching. Can I use a different size length for the second circ because I don’t have 2 sets of 16" length? I watched the video, but it is a project starting out and I just don’t get it. For my 8" hat should I just begin to knit on the new circ till there is nothing left on the old circ and vice versa and go from there or is it necessary to split half the stitches on each circular needle???

I have not mastered how to fix things at all, so once I start this I will kind of be committed. Every time I try to tear something out, I have no idea how to pick the stitches back up…

When I finish it says to weave the tail into the last 10 stitches…I have been just threading it through the loops. Is that the correct definition of weaving.

Any advice you have to offer would be appreciated. I will watch the videos for help, but I was hoping for some advice from someone who understands this stuff. Thanks!!!

An easy way to start the decs on a 2x2 rib is to p2tog every other purl rib, do a row of k2, p1, k2, p2 with no decs, then do the other purl rib and a round of k2, p1, k2 with no decs. Then dec every other knit rib, k2tog, etc.

The point of switching to dpns or 2 circs is that the 16" cord you’re using now will be too long for the stitches to stretch around. So, at the point where it starts getting too tight, you’ll knit have the stitches onto the other circular, and leave the rest of the stitches on the other needle.

You just knit the stitches on one needle, and then the stitches on the other. (Watch the video to see how that’s done). I’ve done several hats using 2 circs. at the end, and it works great.

If you used the Sugar 'n Cream on the other hats, that may be why they’re “tight and weird.” There’s not much give in that cotton, like you’d find in a wool or wool blend. Different yarns “act” in different ways, and so that may just be a function of the yarn.

I think I am too chicken to try 2 circs on this hat since it is actually looking good…I am so scared to mess up and not be able to fix it. I will have to try again later… I wish the videos showed projects where you were at the end and then tried the technique, because I have trouble visualizing it without a lot of knitting on the needles. I couldn’t use DPN’s till I was finishing a hat.


You shouldn’t have too much trouble with the dpns if that is what you have done before with success when it gets too small to use your 16 inch needle.

I have not made a hat all in ribbing (although I have made many hats) so I can’t tell you about the dec for the top.

One thing I was thinking of that might help you to remember, or be aware of is that you can move stitches around from one dpn to another if it helps. For instance if you come to a place where you need to K or P 2 tog and you only have one at left on the needle you are on, just slip one from the next needle over to that needle and then K or P 2 tog.

As Lisa said it is not hard to switch to another circular either. Do it basically like you would switch to dpns. You are working on your 16 inch and you mentioned that you only have one and asked if another length would work in the same size. Yes, and it is even better because it will help you not to get mixed up. When you need to switch, begin the new row with the longer cir and work off approximately half, then finish the row with the 16 inch cir. The only trick to remember is ALWAYS work the ones on the longer needle WITH the longer needle and the ones on the 16 inch needle ALWAYS WITH the 16" needle. Don’t get mixed up on that part and you should be all right.


Ack…I just answered in your other post on the same question.

Thanks for all the advice everyone. I finished the hat using DPN’s and it ended up looking really nice.
Then I taught myself 2 circs and Magic Loop with some scrap yarn and 2 circs went really well. Magic Loop will take some getting used to…the new stitch wasn’t tight enough, but I was using Boyes and the cable isn’t so hot for that. I think I will buy some Options and sell the Boyes. I like my Denise set, but they also won’t work for Magic Loop as far as I can tell.

Where did you find instructions for Magic Loop that were helpful to you? I have yet to try this technique. It always looks so complicated, and I don’t understand what is going on. :slight_smile: Merigold

Merigold, have you looked at the video here under Advanced Techniques?