Could this be knit in fewer strips

I found a gorgeous baby blanket that I would like to knit. The link is

Although I think I can handle the pattern and knitting, my question is this: is it necessary to knit it in 7 strips? Why can’t I knit it in fewer strips. In other words, cast on 75 stitches and do three strips in one, and then cast on 100 and knit the remaining 4 strips as 1? :??

Thanks for your input!


I’d knit it in one piece on a long circ. I’m sure it’s seamed so you can do it on straights.

I’m with Ingrid, knit it all in one piece. No seams then…

I actually did this as one piece. Just place markers at every 25 sts to help keep your place. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Ahhh, there you go! Good tip, tillie.