Could these pass as being hand knit?

I’m a photographer and I am working on a project for a knitting store/coffee shop here in my town. I will be decorating their walls with pictures I’ve taken- all babies and kids wearing knit or crochet items. I just learned to knit myself a few weeks ago, so I’m new to all the knit stuff. Anyway, here’s my question- could the items in these pictures pass as being hand knit? I’m fairly sure they were store bought, but I do like the pictures and I’m in need of more boys ones. So could things like this be made by hand, or are they obviously store bought?

Thanks for your help!

The bottom one definitely could. (Except that a REALLY experienced knitter might notice the edge of the ribbing and I don’t think that’s possible unless you use a machine–not positive, though.) The top one looks like it’s lined, and most knitters don’t do that, though it’s possible.

good eye ingrid…I didn’t even see the lining. I was worried that the second one looked too perfect…

Last time I was in my LYS, I was drooling over the sample items thet were made with the various yarns. They looked perfect; but it didn’t occur to me that they might have been machine knit. Just something for me to aspire to.

Just my opinion:
I know you’re probably under time pressure, but it’s not very complementary to new or experienced hand knitters to try to pass off machine-knit commercial items as hand knit.
As a patron of my local yarn stores, if I encountered a store that seemed to assume my gullibility or lack of observation, I’d probably stop shopping there.

That’s why she’s asking, Denise. :rollseyes:

Both are beautiful photos and children, but they do look machine knit to me. Do you have any friends who knit? If all else fails you could start with some photos of beautiful yarn and yarn on the needles. I’ve seen some photos like that that are just gorgeous! Maybe a contest for customers… knit something with YOUR yarn and if it meets your approval and they let you take a photo of it give them a gift card or something? What better way to bring back customers than to have a photo of THEIR knitting on the wall! :wink: :happydance:

EDIT: OMG…why don’t you use those two gorgeous pictures of your own daughters on the walls! :inlove: They would be perfect!

Let’s not forget she said it was a knitting store and coffee shop. Therefore, the decorative aspect could just be a way of blending the ideas of knitting and coffee. So I don’t think each photo must look like a hand-knit item???

i agree with Carmen…I don’t even think I would really think anything of it if I saw them hanging in the store. besides there are plenty of machine knitters. As long as nobody is trying to pass them off as hand knit i don’t think it really matters.

ummm…and Jan is right…those pictures of your gorgeous kids would be GREAT additions!

I was basing my reply from the subject line

could these pass as being hand knit?

It probably doesn’t make a difference if you aren’t trying to pass off as hand knit. Personally I think it would be better to have hand knit photos though if possible. Those pics of her kids and some balls of yarn and steaming coffee would be perfect though!

That makes sense. I was just thinking that in a photo, I wouldn’t pass much judgement. If they had actual garments hanging there, it would make a difference.

I agree with Jan. The pictures of your children are amazing!!!