Could someone tell me what this means?

My pattern says: Cont. as foll: edge st., 16 sts. st-st, 24 sts. cable= P3, K16,P3,16 sts., st-st, edge st.=64 sts. after 5th row.

I thought they wanted me to do stockinet stitches on the first 16 stitches, then the next 24 follow the cable chart followed by 16 more stockinet stitches but they tell me to cast on 58 stitches and it doesn’t add up. 16+24+16= 56?? I don’t understand what they mean by edge stitch and I don’t understand how I am going to end up with 64 stitches, I don’t see any increase?? I would really appreciate any help I can get.

What constitutes the “edge st.”? Also, why is there no cabling in the cable set, which incidentally adds up to 22, not 24?

Is there a link to your pattern? The commas in your post are confusing me a bit.

It is a pattern I bought from the store. It is called Rebecca Edition No. 3 put out by LLH Fashionpartner (I think that is who made it) It doesn’t explain what an edgestitch is at all. And your right, it only adds up to 22 stitches. It is very confusing…the way I typed it is exactly how it appears in the pattern. :frowning:

is this it?

When you add the edge sts to 56, you get 58. A cable pattern doesn’t usually start out with the cable on the first row, zip; you generally alternate knit and purl sts for 1-5 rows before you do the cables.


Yeah, I realize that beginning borders are ordinary. However, her question doesn’t indicate that she’s on the first row. Also, the stitch count as stated (not counting the edge sts.) adds up to 54, not 56. Lastly, where’s the increase to 64 after 5 rows are completed? Perhaps the edge sts. are 5 on each side? Need more input! :wink:

I gotta split for the day anyway. my8kidsmom, you may wish to review the leaflet for contact information, or take the pattern to the source who sold it to you for assistance. Good luck!

I get 56 sts for the pattern – 16, 24 cable, 16 = 56 + 2 edge = 58 although there seems to be a discrepancy in the cable section. my8kidsmom, is it 24 sts or 3+16+3 which is 22? And where are the increases.


It says 24 stitches on the pattern. It is row 4 that I am having trouble with, the beginning of the cable. I typed the what the pattern says word for word (I doublechecked :)) and I don’t see any increases either. When they refer to an edge stitch is this just a normal stitch? There is a chart to follow so perhaps I should just ignore the written instructions and just follow the chart.

That’s it :slight_smile:

The edge stitch can be slipped at the beggining of the row and knit at the end, or knit on the RS /purled WS, or both of them knit on all rows; the written pattern may tell you and if not, you decide. Even though you typed out what the chart reads for the cable section, 3+16+3 sts is 22, not 24 sts. Since it’s a sweater, not an afghan, the increases will probably come later on for shaping.


Thanks Sue, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what they meant by edge stitch. I will just follow the chart instead of the written instructions. Should be fine :slight_smile:

I hope it works out for you! suzeeq is a great source of help around here.

Do share photos when you’re finished. :slight_smile:

:blush: Awww, thanks zip. I try to help out where I can.