Could someone help me with this patterns instructions

I’m a bit confussed. This pattern calls for you to knit until you reach 10 1/2 inches, then I’m confussed on how you decrease. I’m not sure what the * means. What I’m understanding is you knit two together until you have 36 sts, then it reads to knit across another row, then do you only decrease one other row to have 24 sts on the needle? It would seem that you would decrease until you had only a few sts on the needle.
I would so much appreciate anyones help in this.
Thanks you

Beginning at bottom brim of hat, cast on 72 sts.

Knit across each row until length from beginning is 10 ½ inches.

Top decrease - Work * knit 2 together * across row, repeating between *'s across.
( 36 sts )
Knit across next row.
Last row - * K 1, K next 2 sts together *, repeating between *'s across row. ( 24 sts).

Cut yarn, leaving about 25 inch length. Thread sewing needle with the end of this length, and draw through remaining sts. Pull to close top of hat, then fasten on inside of hat.

Sew down back seam , leaving last 2 ½ inches unsewn. Turn up cuff of hat, then sew seam on inside of this remaining 2 ½ inches. This way, you will not see the seam of the cuff, the seam will be on the inside of cuff, when cuff is turned upwards. Fasten off.

I [size=6][color=blue]think[/color][/size] I get it :? … my type in [color=red]red[/color]

[color=red]I hope that helps :? [/color]

Thank you so much, I had an idea and you confirmed it for me!
I very very much appreciate your help!
Beth :smiley: