Could Someone Help Me with Edge on Shawl?

I am knitting a shawl based on a free pattern from Cascade Yarns.

Chelsea Bridge Shawl

I’ve done the body of the shawl. I’m supposed to start the edging, but I am stumped!

The pattern does not instruct me to bind off the body, but instead says:

CO 5 sts
1 - K2, YO, K2tog, SSK (with 1 stitch from body of shawl)
Turn Work
2 - Sl1 (purl-wise), K2, YO, K2tog

Work 2 rows across the bottom of the shawl (working 1 stitch
from shawl every other row (row 1) until you have worked
across all the shawl stitches.

Am I supposed to cast on an additional 5 sts. What am I to do with the 196 live stitches on my needles from the last row. I think I understand that I will gradually attach the edging to the body with the SSK in Row 1, but I can’t even get to that point.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Yes, cast on the border sts using a knit or cable cast on. Then you’ll work the border and attach it to the 196 live sts as you knit every other row.
This video and tutorial give you an idea of the basics of the knitted on border:

Lovely shawl pattern. Thanks for the link.

Thank you! I was able to finish the shawl because of your help. I had put it down because I just could not wrap my head around what I needed to do for the edging.

Finished Shawl; Waiting to Be Blocked

Oh, lovely work! That’s going to be beautiful.