Could someone help me please?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to knit a bag to accompany my son’s christmas present which is an Ipod :knitting:

I have cast on using the long tail technique and have come to a stop because I can’t decide whether to do all knit stitches or a combination of knitting and purling :aww:

Any recommendations?

I’ve practised a lot on cheap wool so have got quite good at keeping a regular guage (sort of!)

I have cast on 23 stitches and was planning on doing a scarf type shape to then sew up the sides. Would this be best, or would it be best to cast on enough to wrap the ipod lengthways? (so side to side instead of top/bottom)

Any help really appreciated

There’s not much can go wrong with an ipod cover - they are so small and quick to knit. really, anything should work, what ever appeals to you.

Here are some written patterns to give you some more ideas:

ooh, thanks for those…

It’s my first ever proper project so I think it will take a while!!! At least there’s just over a week til the big day!