Could I Felt This Bag?

I plan to make this bag …
Springtime Drawstring Bag

What I was wondering is, can you make any knitted bag felted? I guess gauge doesn’t really matter? It doesn’t give a size so if you wanted a larger one, would you just use a larger needle and thicker yarn? I plan to make the regular knitted bag first just to see how large it is, from the weight of yarn specified.

Has anyone used Kraemer yarn?


as long as you make it out of 100% nontreated natural animal fiber.

it’s usually suggested you use a needle 2-3 sizes bigger than the largest listed on the yarn label, and usually it ends up 2/3 of the size you start with, depending on how long you let it agitate.

I want to see if you do!

felting was my favorite thing when I didn’t want anyone to see my stitches. :oops: now I’m going to try it soon just to make something nice, I hope.