Could anyone help me figure out a pattern for this hat?

im presuming the body of the hat is some form of cable stich but it looks like its braided diagonally, im pretty new to knitting and so have no idea how to do that. any help would be greatly apprieciated. :slight_smile: thankyou.

Looks like an entrelac pattern to me. Entrelac looks much more complicated than it is. It it made up of short rows and picked up stitches.

Here are a couple of links that might help:

Knitting Daily Entrelac Tutorial

Entrelac tutorial

Here’s a hat pattern. I’m not sure it’s what you are looking for it’s all I could find:

Entrelac hat

I agree, it’s got a deep ribbed cuff, then the body of it is done in entrelac.

I did a small jumper in entrelac (didn’t know it was called that though!).

Go slow to start with, you’ll think its not worth the bother, you spend the whole time turning round to go the other way. But once you get going its good fun, and it looks so cool once its done.

If you’re a new knitter, it might be worth finding a friend to sit with you and read the next bit of the pattern as you do it, it helps stop you getting lost. Or get a highlighter pen and cross off each bit as you go along.

Good luck :thumbsup:

Thanks so much guys! I’d never even heard of this stitch but it looks brilliant :slight_smile:


It turns out some really cool looking stuff when done in a selfstriping yarn, or different colors.