Could 100% wool be elastic?

I told you before I bought a supreme grab bag from WEBS. There’s a couple of bags I want to get rid of. Maybe eBay. Here is my question, on one of the yarns, it labeled “100% wool”, then it’s elastic. Could it be 100% wool then?

Some yarns are spun in such a way that it makes them veeeeeeeeeeeeery stretchy. In addition, wool has a lot of stretch to it naturally. So it could be that’s what they mean. But if it’s 100% wool, it doesn’t have an added elastic component.

If you have a link, I can take a look.

Could also be a typo. :slight_smile:

I will post a photo of it this weekend. The yarns in the bags are not really branded. They are not labeled regularly like others we see in the stores. It’s just like “made in italy”, “80% wool, 20% acrylic”, or “100% wool”.