Couch Potato Kitty

No sign of them. I’m thinking they aren’t around. Maybe I was wrong. They surely would have been over here by now and everytime I go by the house, I scour it for any sight of them. I think it’s a good sign I haven’t seen them.

You are right - there are a lot of unsung heroes that do care for animals who have no one else. If I didn’t work full time, I would love to operate a no-kill shelter in our area. There isn’t one, and I certainly have the heart for it and the space…just not the time or $$…

Well, take care and at this point we’ll just try to believe the best :slight_smile:

Here is my cat, Miki, in different sleeping poses. The first one is on the back of our couch on a store-bought felted blanket (which technically isn’t allowed, but he isn’t bothered by the rule) and one is on the blanket I knitted for him.

Miki is beautiful!!

Thanks, Sharly. I tend to think so, too. :teehee: He’s definitely the king of the house and never misses an opportunity to remind us!

They have a way of doing that, don’t they? :slight_smile:

Oh, AnnaT, Your cat is so sweet looking.:inlove:

And here are mine… I hope you can see them cloud9 That’s Nania when I got the picture from the rescue home before I adopted her. Sybil is in the floor “reading” :teehee: She is actually silverish, she looks pretty white in that picture though

Here is our Big Papi.

Such beautiful kitties you all have. I’m really enjoying this.

Thank you, but if you only knew. :shock:

Those are beautiful cats! They have such striking eyes!

I love Big Papi!! :heart::heart::heart: So dignified.

Originally Posted by [B]jdee[/B] Oh, AnnaT, Your cat is so sweet looking.:inlove:

Thank you, but if you only knew. :shock:

:roflhard:I know what you mean. My cats can be the most sweet loving creature one minute, then turn into the spawn of Satan the next.

Ok, shoot me if you all have seen these before, but I can’t resist a kitty thread!

That is Itchy at 3 weeks old right after we nabbed him from our lilac bush. His momma had abandoned him so we (I) rescued him. DH gave in after about 5 min with him

that is cute Itchy go night night on my computer table.

That is my big baby, Mulder. 12 years old, 20 pounds of pure love. He is happy in the pic because he convinced me to make the bed so he could be on the comforter.:roflhard:

aww all the kitties are to cute…I think I have added Gideon Gus (the big gray and white kitty) when he as kitten to the pet thread on here but now he is bigger and we have Bella…sooooo

Oh! What beauties. Thanks for sharing.:muah:

Always love to see the kitty pictures! (Like I don’t seen enough kitties in The House of 9 Lives!)

Thank you… I asked weeonesto make me some sm of Gideon they turned out to cute… I need to get back with her and have some made of Bella… :teehee:

Oh, that would be too cute! I could see my crew displayed in a little shadow box!