Couch Potato Kitty

I know he’s ruining the couch, and I really should make him get down…but he’s just so cute…

Aw-w, that cushion will plump back up. Don’t disturb the lil’ darlin’.

Can I take classes to learn how to sleep like that?

I leave our curtains open a little so the cat can see out when she sleeps on top of the couch like that. yes, the couch cushion has a little dent from her laying there, but we don’t mind… its all the hair!! I ended up leaving a washable blankie on that part of the couch that I can wash.

the things we do for pet love!

:roflhard:That’s why our curtains are open. And my couch has a dent there because he, or whichever cat gets thier first, sleeps up there a lot. A washable blanket is a good idea. It will cost a lot less than the rolls and rolls of lint tape I usually have to buy.

Does anyone else have pictures of thier couch potato kitties? Doggies, too?

:teehee:I swear that cat is doin’ YOGA! One of those core strengthening exerices–not a downward dog, more like an upwards cat! :rofl: Couch Kitty is a cutie, too!:muah:

Wanted to share my pets and their crazy sleeping places but there are way to many so here is a link.

You should see our mini blinds! Our Max loves jumping up on his perch and pulls the blinds and crawls inbetween them to get his view of the outdoors. This is my second set of blinds cause he breaks the ends off from climbing through them.

Little booger. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one of my (nine) couch potatoes. I just love the contented look on his face. This is Casanova (because he’s a lover, not a fighter) making himself comfortable on the back of the couch!

aw to cute
thats were my cat sleeps to

:inlove:Aww! What beautiful kitties ya’ll have. Sajomaro, thanks for sharing your cute photos. They’re just adorable. Sharly, your Casanova looks a lot like my Morty. Here he is in his pose I like to call “squished.” I don’t know why he does it. It can’t be comfy.:teehee:

Jdee! Morty is precious!! Is the picture deceiving, or does he have the longest tail, ever??? :slight_smile:

How many cats do you serve, I mean, have?

He has a very long tail. Its so funny. I serve 5 indoor only cats, but my husband and I have spayed and neutered a colony of strays in the neighborhood. About 10 of them have become friendly with us, and, after the appropriate vaccinations and tests, have become indoor/outdoor cats. So I’d say about 15 of them are mine, the rest of them just come over to But at least they no longer reproduce.

here are my five indoor only cats…There’s Abby, Annie, Merlin, Morty, and Mabel. (Annie is the one on my avatar. I don’t know if you can see her in the suitcase picture with Abby. Merlin is the fuzzy one in the chair with Morty, and the baby is Mabel)

Jdee, they are awesome! I love that you are taking care of the cat population in your area. I guess it’s up to a few of us to be responsible.

We have intended to do the same thing, (neuter and let them stay outside) however, the last two we had neutered, wound up becoming housecats. Kosmo was making “presents” of the chipmunks, and I didn’t want him hunting anymore, and Nova (Casanova) was out in the street one too many times. They have adjusted well, and fortunately, we have avoided any further additions. However, a house nearby that was a rental was just vacated, and I’m worried they left behind a kitty or two. I keep watching out because I know they’ll find their way to my house if they did.

You can see our kitties at their site,

They’re adorable!

I hope those people didn’t leave thier cats behind. That always makes me furious to think there are people out there who consider pets disposable. Hopefully, they’ll come back for them.
I think it’s great that you’ve been able to make housecats out of strays. The ones around here were feral, and it took a long time for them to get brave enough to let us pet them, and come inside our house. I tried refusing to let them back out, and they became so spooked that I felt guilty. That’s why they’re indoor/outdoor.

So far, I haven’t seen the kitties - I hope they took them. For some reason, I usually assume the worst about people and pets.

You are doing a great thing with the feral cats! I’ve been lukcy that everyone that has shown up here has been very loving. Barny is the least social and could really take us or leave us, but she does enjoy the soft warm beds and a/c in the summer!

I have a long haired kitty (white and orange) who LOVES to sleep on the red sofa, the hair gets everywhere. If you want to get the hair up FAST and not have to use the vacuum, all you need is a dryer sheet. Rub it over the cat fur, and it will pick it up! And the sofa will smell fresh and clean.

Great tip! That may be the one thing I haven’t tried! I finally gave in and got mostly leather furniture! I have an upholstered chair and ottoman that I keep covered with plastic until we have company!

Last week the bug man came to spray and asked if I was planning a murder because there was plastic everywhere! It’s quite tacky - but, the cats are happy - what can I say? :shrug:

My sofas are 1970 style velvet, and the dryer sheet works wonders! It might take a few swipes, (sometimes a few dryer sheets), but it is such a great little tip. My grandma told me about it and it works great. It pretty much balls up the hair and you just pick up the hair ball, and toss it.

Sharly, I was just wondering if you’ve seen the cats yet. I know what you mean about assuming the worst. It’s hard not to when you see poor little abandoned cats and dogs running the streets and scrounging for food. But there really are lots of people who feed them, and open their homes to them. I have to try to remember to think about them, instead of the bad people. They really are out there.