CottonEase going bye-bye

I emailed Lion Brand today to find out what the story was on CottonEase since it seems to be getting more and more scarce. They emailed me back – very quickly, I might add – and they said that CottonEase has been discontinued.

They have a supply available through their online store; however, the price doesn’t seem to be discounted at $4.99/skein.

Just thought you all would like to know. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. I may have to buy some.

yup joanns had it on clearance last week and i am sure still does if they still have any. there was definitely a run on their yarn in my town last weekend though. i had a nice little coupon and everything and with the sale they had and everything already being bought up, i didn’t even get to use it!! :wink: but i got lots of cute buttons for silly things i am workin’ on! (yeah there’s a bit of a tangent there for ya…sorry…lol)

Check Michaels and Tuesday Morning too. I bought a serious stash of it…and if I end up having overbought will probably clear out here first, then on Ebay…i bet you can find a bunch on ebay after this weekend.

A moment of slience please

Tuesday Morning has yarn? :shock: I may have to check that out on my lunch break!

That’s news to me, too! I haven’t been there forever, but just might have to go now! :cheering:

I don’t know about the TM on Rt. 64, but the TM on Rt 56 (Wheaton) has about 12 bags of cotton ease (3 skeins each), some sport weight wool ease (natural, plum, green, yellow), and a wee bit of polarspun. Cotton Ease bags are $6, wool ease $7, Polarspun $10 (all 3 skeins each).

Yay! I just got back from Tuesday Morning and got 6 balls of a greenish cotton ease for $12! I don’t know what I’m going to use it for yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something! If anyone is desparate for cotton ease in a bright yellow or orange color, they had some of those that I could pick up for you if you need it.

I also bought a bag of woolease too. This could be dangerous now that I know they have yarn–it’s only 5 minutes away from my work! At least they didn’t have a ton of it.

Must hit Tuesday Morning…NOW!!!

In the past I have not found any at mine but I am going to check :slight_smile:

:shock: NOOOOOO!!! :frog: ~sniff~
I completely fell in love with that yarn- It feels so nice I kept petting it ( :lol: ) and it knits up so fast…
I just started a dress for my niece in this pretty burgundy color left over from the poncho I made for her sister… I just know I won’t have enough left to finish it… Looks like it’s time to frog it and make a tank top :doh:

The only solace I have to offer is that I think (but am not sure) that Knit Pick’s Shine yarn is similar to CottonEase and probably is even more soft. Can someone who has used both give us some ideas as to how they compare?

{imagine a bit of a pause here}

And, so, upon making this statement, I went to KnitPick’s site to look up Twist. {sigh} It’s a sport-weight yarn and not worsted, as I originally thought.

Does anyone know of a readily available worsted-weight yarn that can substitute for CottonEase?

Hi DotsMom,

I was going to use Cotton Ease for a sweater I’m knitting for a fund raiser. ( A friend is adopting a deaf child from China, and we’re trying to help defray some of the expenses).

I wanted Strawberry Cream (light pink), but all my LYS had was Bubblegum. (Very HOT pink). I checked and they had TLC Cotton Plus ‘online only’ at a good price.
They actually have more colors than Cotton Ease came in I think. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend like Cotton Ease, and listed at the same gauge. My shipment is supposed to arrive today, so I’ll let you know how it knits up.

Also, on Lion Brands website they say they’re replacing Cotton Ease with a similar yarn. Of course there must be some difference or why change it.

Hope this helps!

Hmmm…Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece looks very similar but it does have some wool in it…there’s also this source for cotton that someone posted about (but I can’t remember who!) :??

and I think the cotton fleece is 80% cotton and 20% wool, while the cotton ease is 50-50 cotton and acrylic. but the cotton fleece does come in lots of cool colors. I’m using bernat cottontots but it’s a lot thicker than cotton ease

The Camilla Valley Farms cotton that I ordered is not mercerized…I dunno if they have stuff that would be nice for sweaters. Its worth checking!

Pat Catans had Cotton Ease, but none of it was marked down.

I saw some of the CottonTots at Hobby Lobby the other day. I was tempted to buy some for dishcloths – it comes in some great colors, but they didn’t have a huge selection at H.L. It’s really soft – it would make a nice sweater or tank.

MaryS – I didn’t see anything on the L.B. web site re: the replacement for CottonEase. Do you have a link? Their email reply to my query said that they were discontinuing CE for “many reasons,” and that lack of sales was one of them. Go figure.

I’m going to post this here and in its own thread. I went to my Tuesday morning today and they had a bunch of the Cotton Ease in yellow, orange light blue and darker blue. I think at least 4 packs of each color unless they happen to have some more in the back.

They come in packs of 3 skeins for $5.99. If anyone would like more of this, I’d be happy to pick it up for you and send it. No profit, just cost of the yarn and shipping. PM me if you are interested and we will work something out.

If it goes back on sales at Joanns, same offer here to pick up for people. Its back to 3/skein, though, and thats no bargain…