Cotton yarns questions /brands names

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering if there is a lot of 100 percent cotton and kitchen cotton yarns out there? :thinking:And what are the us and Canadian brands names that have cotton 100 percent yarns and kitchen cotton yarns?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: are they easy to find online and at stores?

Search Google for 100% cotton yarn. I got a list with everything from Michael’s and Joann’s to Loveknitting plus some small local shops in my area.

Local stores in my area carry cotton yarns. I know that Walmart, Fred Meyer, and Ben Franklin all have them. I can’t remember which one Walmart has, it’s one of the and Cream/Creme brands; Fred Meyer has Lion Brand 24/7 cotton and maybe others; Ben Franklin made me mad so I rarely go in and don’t know what brands they have.