Cotton yarn

What is the best join for using cotton yarn? I’m making the Leafy Baby Blanket in Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton. Thanx Koleen

There are several ways to do this and so it becomes a matter of personal preference. The Russian join works well with cotton yarn and it’s shown under Tips on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page.
If you’re using two strands held together for the blanket, you need not join both new strands at the same time. You can overlap one old strand and one new strand for a stitch or two and then weave in the ends. Both techniques give a double thickness of yarn for a few sts but it’s unnoticeable.
Lovely blanket!

i don’t know the name of the join…

but I unravel the old end a few inches, and the new end a few inches and then braid them tightly together then trim the ends so it looks like one continuous piece of yarn - the braided section is usually only and inch/2 inches (depending on how slippery the yarn is) and isn’t noticeable

One of my knit night friends was just telling us about the braided join! I hadn’t heard of it, but just now looked it up. I have a cotton blend sweater I’m anxious to try this on!

Here’s one for two color join. She used a different ply, finer weight yarn for the second color just to show it could be done with different plies, but I wouldn’t knit like that because a sudden change in weight could affect your gauge.

She says don’t cut the ends till you’re done and it’s washed which I think is a good idea.

Jan, your link took me to youtube but not a particular video. Was it this one?
Here’s one for Joining Yarn - The Invisible Braided Join with 2 colors of yarn
Will my links work? I don’t know why yours didn’t.

I’m not coming up with an occasion I’d want to join two colors as she does for knitting but it’s cool to see how she does it.

Ugh. I forgot that I now have a problem posting links from my iPad. Yes that’s it. Thanks!

You’re most welcome, Jan. I’d seen that join before but I’ve never tried it. It’s time I do.

Thank You