Cotton Yarn

Besides dishcloths, have any of you knitted anything else with 100% cotton yarn, such as Sugar n Cream? I have made 2 dishcloths now and I don’t really like knitting with the cotton. Just wondering…


I’ve made several sweaters and hats with 100% cotton…not sugar ‘n’ Cream though. I’ve used Pachuko Organic cotton, Knitpicks Shine, Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine, and GGH something or other. The washability is nice, but in general I’m not a big fan of knitting with cotton…much too unforgiving!

I haven’t used Sugar n’ Cream for anything other than dishclothes, but there are some nice mercerized 100% cottons out there. I’ve used Elann’s Endless Summer Lara cotton, Jo Sharp Soho Summer, and others I’ve liked. And Blue Sky Cotton is sooo soft, but more $$, of course. So there are higher end cottons you might like more if you’re making garments. Cotton/Acrylic blends are good too, and they generally don’t stretch out like 100% cottons often do and are more forgiving.

I used knitpicks’ Crayon 100% pima cotton to make these socks, this poncho of mitered blocks of color, and this halter & hat for my granddaughter :wink:

Rebecca, I looked at your pictures, Great job and I love the colors you used. :cheering:

I used Sugar and Cream for a lace kercheif. It was good for a first lace project (I think) because it was “unforgiving.” I can’t figure out what to do with the rest of the ball, though. :rollseyes: