Cotton yarn

Has anybody made a sweater out of cotton yarn? I was at the peaches n creme website and found some really pretty colors. I could make a hoodie sweater for twenty bucks! However, now I’m wondering if the hoodie might not “grow” as one wears it? I’ve used this yarn to make dishcloths, but not anything else. They have some really pretty variegated yarns. I’ve got my eye on ‘desert sunset’. What do you all think??

I just finished 2 Wallabys made with KP’s Shine for my dgds. They haven’t been worn yet, but I’m awfully afraid they will stretch out. I’ll try to rememger to post about this after they have been worn, but it will be a while, since they live in VA and it will be warm-hot at least through September.

I can’t say for an adult sweater but I made a kimono for my son when he was a newborn and it was great. I washed it twice to soften it up and it softened very nicely.