Cotton yarn question?

Well I have been knitting up a storm, it truly is addictive. I recently have just started using cotton yarn, to make coasters and such. It has a nice feel to it. I am wondering though, when I tie off the yarn on a finished coaster, is there something special that you do to keep it from unraveling? This type of yarn seems like it comes apart easier than the acrylic/wool stuff I usually work with. I did put a dab of elmers glue on the cut end of the tied off yarn to try and stop any unraveling. Do you have any tips/tricks for this sort of yarn? :knitting:

in the sewing section at walmart there’s an anti-fray product that you put on the ends of yoru threads… maybe that’d help?

I wouldn’t tie the yarns off. Weave them in and if you need to use a bit of matching sewing thread to tack down the ends. :thumbsup:

I’ll disagree w/Jan - when making dishcloths out of cotton, after weaving in the ends, I will split the plies and take just half the plies (so 2 plies of the 4 in something like peaches n cream yarn) under one last stitch, then tie them w/the other half of the plies in a square/granny knot. The knot is tiny, and the yarn ends don’t poke out anywhere threatening to unravel.

I don’t like knots in or on my handknits, but that’s my personal choice. Best thing to do IMO is try both methods and see what works for you.

I’m from the no knot school, like Jan. With cotton dishcloths, I weave the end in several directions and at the end weave back about 2 stitches overtop the same weaving.

I’ve got several log cabin dishclothes, which have LOTS of ends to weave and gets used and washed many times, I’ve never had ends pop out.

I also do as Jan does and my washcloths haven’t had an end pop out let alone unravel with enough washings to fade the color out of the yarn.

I’m a knotter and have several hand towels I knitted with Peaches & Cream several years ago. I use them all the time and I’ve never had any unravel or any ends poke out. I didn’t do anything special – just tied my knots and pulled the ends back through with a crochet hook.

Thanks for the replies ladies. The idea of tacking it down with some thread is a good idea, plus the idea of splitting up the plies in the yarn and tying those together. Thank you for the good ideas!