Cotton Yarn question

I’m thinking of knitting this: The beautiful Hush-Hush fro

What the problem is not: I need to order the circular needles for the project from KP. That’s cool with me. If I like it, I might knit more, or mess with the pattern a little. If I dare. :roflhard:

What the problem IS: the yarn. I don’t want to order the yarn from a site other than KP for shipping reasons. The more I can save on shipping, the BETTER. But, I suck at yarn choosing, and never really understood the difference in yarn weights, unless I was holding them.

Does any of the yarn on KP match the yarn listed in the pattern (Halcyon Yarn Inc 3/2 Pearl Cotton)? I know it’s listed as cotton, the web site for that specific brand lists it as 2-ply mercerized cotton yarn, but that means nothing to me at all.

Please, some knowledgeable knitter, please help! :pout:


That is beautiful. How do you find these patterns, I guess just look.

I wonder if a new knitter could do something like that, it sure is pretty.

I can’t answer your question, but I am sure someone will. I will wait to read the responses you get.

Do you think they have a beginner verision out there.


I looked at the Halcyon 3/2 Pearl online and it’s listed as sport weight yarn. The only thing I could find to compare with it is KnitPicks Shine (which is a cotton blend.)

It looks to me as your only choice if you want to order the yarn from KnitPicks but as always, check your gauge by swatching first.

Hope this helps!


The gauge in the pattern is 7.75 stitches per inch with the Halycon.

KP Shine sport weight is listed as 6 stitches per inch (both on US size 3),

so if you use the Shine you may want to go down a needle size or so, or make a smaller size.

Like zkimom said: Do a swatch. The two yarns aren’t so different that the resulting fabrics would be too stiff or not drape similarly.

Happy Shopping! :happydance:



I noticed the gauge on the pattern but when I checked out the manufacturer’s listing about the yarn, it says 5.5 -6.5 sts per inch on a size 3 to 4 needle

I never get the gauge listed on the yarn so I always swatch and play with my needle size.


KnitPicks Shine Sport is in gorgeous colors and I like working with it. I am using the hydrangea color right now to make a tank top on the options needles. They go well with the yarn. You can see pictures of the way it is working up on my blog or I can send you some pictures if you want them.

It also creates a pretty stretchy but dense fabric when working stockingette in the round. If you want pictures of my project with examples of it stretched out, just let me know. I was going to make the project you want to make myself, and I think I have talked myself into using Shine Sport for it. I like this yarn so much I already was planning on buying more in another color for another of the tank tops I am currently doing.

I am not affiliated with Knitpicks other than my obsession with the options and their yarn.

Thanks, y’all helped out a lot. I’m definitely going to use the KP Shine for this project. It’s cheaper, and I like KP a LOT!!! ^.^