Cotton Yarn ideas?

I usually don’t do this. I’ve been knitting about 8 years. I live in San Diego County, California and am always looking for knitting other than wools (too hot and itchey). I’ve learned loads and am proud of the stuff I can now produce. The site you have with the videos is the most superb thing on the net for knitters. It’s enabeled me to do Christmas stockings and to learn how to pick up stitches and has refreshed my memory of things I don’t do often. You’re tops. Anyone with good ideas on yarns that involve cotton that don’t “grow” would be most helpful. I’m still learning and have a long way to go. Am takaing on the “windmill” of the San Diego fair and how the knitting is handeled. Will let you all know if there are any changes next year. It’s all in the interest of sanity. Thanks.
Louise Anderson
San Maracos, CA

I’m not sure so I’ll bump this up.

My absolute favorite cotton is King Tut.

It is soft and has a beautiful sheen. The colors are gorgeous and it is very nice to work with.

I have made two summer tops (working on a third now!) and haven’t had any growth issues with either one. has it on sale.

A less expensive cotton/acrylic blend I like is TLC Cotton Plus.

I’m making my mom a lapghan for Christmas out of plain old peaches/sugar & cream.

Lion (Brand) Cotton and Lily’s Sugar and Cream cotton are the best!

Lion Brand Cotton Ease is a cotton/acrylic blend that in theory doesn’t grow as much as 100% cotton.

the King Tut cotton mentioned above is AWESOME- lovely sheen, nice drape- and not too stretchy in my hands.

Plymouth also makes some cotton blends: I’ve used the Jeannee with good results. it is very soft and washes up great. it is a little heavy for full summer sweaters, IMHO- but I made a tank top for my daughter with it and its fine.

Classic Elite makes a mercerized cotton that is nice too- I think it is Flash? I’ve used it for the handtowel/ dishcloth projects.


I like Lions Brand and Peaches/Sugar & Cream. They get softer and thicker with washing.

I agree that Plymouth Jeanee and Sugar & Cream are good cottons. You might want to look into yarns other than cotton, too, like bamboo and yarns made from corn, seaweed, etc. They’re very soft and great to work with. Take a peak at “No Sheep for You” by Amy Singer. It’s all about alternatives to wool (the author is very allergic to wool), how they act when knitted, and lots of great patterns. :knitting:

Paton’s Grace is a lovely mercerized cotton with a great feel and fantastic shine. I’m currently knitting LilyGo’s Sunshine with it ( and it’s just heavenly to work with.

It’s also carried at Michaels and Joann stores, so it’s readily available. Right now it’s on sale at Joann stores for $3.99 USD/50 gram.


I LOVE Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I just made my mom a sweaterout of it. LOVELY stuff! It’s 80% cotton, 20% merino. Comes in MANY colors.