Cotton Table Runner

Occasionally I knit 100% cotton table runners for wedding gifts, using double strand of yarn. (a solid color and a multi color).

These come out pretty thick and I’ve always told the recipients to NOT use them under hot dishes, as they could melt and/or burn. But to use them as decorations.

Now I’m wondering if this is correct?!?!?

Can 100% cotton yarn projects be used as hot pads or just decorations??


Cotton isn’t going to melt ever as it’s a natural fiber. It can burn/scorch with really high temps - dishes at 400-450 degrees or hotter, say - but should be fine below that. It’s very commonly used for potholders and hot pads without any problems.

I have cotton potholders that I’ve been using for more than 10 years. Acrylic could melt if the pan is hot enough, not cotton. My potholders have a scorch mark or two but never actually caught fire. I’ve made cotton squares specifically for hot pads under pans or dishes.

Such a great idea. Dishcloth cotton? Size of runner and where would I find a pattern.

Hi. I made up my own pattern. It usually ends up to be a long rectangle of stockinette stitch with a wide garter stitch border all around.

I use 2 strands of cotton yarn and CO about 30 sts. Then I knit in garter stitch for around 20 or 30 rows. After that, I switch to knit 10, purl 10, knit 10 alternating with a Knit row. I do that for about 20 rows. (Or however long I want it to be) Then I do garter stitch again to match the same # of rows as the beginning. Then BO and weave in ends.