Cotton Sweaters

Just felt like posting some of Cotton’s Dog sweaters.
His first knit sweater:

Winter Sweater:

Winter Sweater 2:

Memorial Sweater:

Currently working on a sweater for him for the fall.

What a well dressed little sweatheart he is!

Awww he’s adorable and the sweaters are beautiful!

Oh I could just hug him to pieces! The sweaters are sooo dern adorable! You are such a good mommy!

They are too cute! He’s adorable :slight_smile:

adorable…i can’t wait to make sweaters for my little guy…just gotta find a pattern that will actually fit him

[COLOR=Navy]:chair: In this case, Cotton is the little doggy, not the fiber.

One very lucky pup. He has a lot of lovely hand knits![/COLOR]

Adorable!! Both the sweaters and dog!!

You know, I have a cotton sweater that looks almost just like the winter sweater (red version)~LOL! They all look great-such a well-dressed pooch!

Beautiful sweaters! He seems to like them. My yorkie will actually stick his head forward when he sees I have a sweater to put on him, but he tires of them I think.

Thanks everyone. A majority of my knitting has been for my dog. Well, he appreciates the sweaters and wears them so why not right? Also because he’s so small his sweaters are good for practicing new techniques without getting overwelmed.