Cotton summer patterns/projects?

Hi! I am so mad at myself. when I first started knitting I bought yarn here and there and now I find myself with all these bags with just little bits of yarn instead of 8 skeins or so to make something real!

I have this pretty interesting Jaeger Aqua cotton yarn, got it on sale,
4 balls of bright yellow, 4 ball of pink. they do not go together these colors. And it’s so hard to figure out what to make with 4 balls of anything. 115 yards. This is mercerized cotton (whatever that means) so it’s really nice, more polished.

here’s a picture.

So a couple of sunhats? A really small shrug? A hideous combination sweater of yellow and pink. Nooooooooo.

I dunno.
Ah well.

I am replying to my own question. (ha, I sometimes do that)

But I just have to share this website, it’s so cool, I love it!
Plus there is a summer cowl, although I’m not sure if I would wear that. Maybe.

Here it is, check it out!

you could make dishcloths or scarves from them…

Since it’s mercerized, they won’t make good dish/face cloths, I think, not too absorbable. You mean each ball has 115 yards or there’s 115 yards in the 4 balls of each color? If there’s 115 yds in each ball that may be enough to make a summer top,

Hi Suzee! Yeah, 115 in each ball. Problem is the two summer tops I made last year look terrible on me. It’s hard to find a good one, not too tight etc. There are some nice ones in that site I posted though.

Do you have 4 balls of all those colors? Or just of those two you mentioned? Some of the colors you have there could go together to make something. 4 balls or even less would be enough to make baby sweaters. You may not think you want baby sweaters, but there is always going to be somebody around that you could give one to for a shower gift or something.

Hat’s for spring? Fingerless mitts for spring? Stripes are nice.

Well Merigold, believe it or not there is no one around me that I know who is going to showers. Absolutely no one. I don’t really like making baby clothes, I’d rather make something for me or my sisters.
Maybe a hat, but they’re such bright colors! That’s the problem.
It’s hard to wear bright colors sort of. Red’s ok but bright pink or yellow is more difficult.

Well, I just found this and I might give it a go. You have to be careful with these little tops if you are not thin thin thin. Not that I’m fat, but I’m not thin!

How about some beach bags or shopping bags? Those are gorgeous colors and you could really get some fun stuff done with them! Or a bag and matching sun hat?

assecories are the big thing this summer
worn on t shirts or anything
knit skinny scarfs on really large needles
comes aout looking lacey and not warm

me again
that yarn is gorgeous beautiful texture
make scarfs half one color and the other half another
cute looking when tied

An afghan! Mitered squares.

I think that some of your colors go together well. To show what I mean, I marked them on a copy of your photo. I marked them with lines in the same color, well, you will see.

if you combine 2 colors that makes 8 balls, if you combine 3 that makes even 12, enough for a sweater with stripes or color blocks.

totally agree with the bright, fun-colored market bag idea. in cotton, they could be washed after the trip to the market - whenever necessary.

How about a tank top? I am knitting one for a friend in Sugar and Cream denim twist. I bought four 85 gram balls but it should only take three. It is an easy pattern in Knitter’s Stash ed. by Barbara Albright. (weekend tank top)