Cotton summer hat

Looking for a pattern for a hat like the one pictured below (it’s from an ebay auction I was watching, then thought—hey, i could make that!). I want to make it out of cotton, and I’m not particular about the pattern, colors, etc, just as long as the pattern is free or in a book that has other cool stuff in it :slight_smile:

well i had been using this picture to show someone what squiggle yarn looks like but i think under the squiggle rim it looks kinda like that…

Looking for “bucket” hats, I found:

The last four, I think, are all PERFECT for you…how are you gonna choose??? :??

lol…bacon and eggs. i think the watermelon is very cute actually…and the first three are GREAT…not so sure about that hershey kiss…lol

geeeeeee, thaaaaaaaaanks KK. you are SO HELPFUL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually HAVE a bacon and eggs hat already. :wink: And I do like the watermelon hat. AND i like the squiggle hat too! Unfortunayly I think most of them are felted and I I don’t think thatwill keep me cool… or work with cotton :wink: SO the search continues! I kept coming up with CROCHET patterns when i searched… i guess i need to learn to do that correctly, then.

I know you want free… but so far I have only found this

well the lady who did this hat says she adapted it from a felted hat…so maybe

great thanks!!! :slight_smile: i love this place

THIS ONE isnt felted… I bet it would work with cotton.

or this one if you don’t make the brim so large.

LOVE that one Jouf… i’d keep the brim long or make it longer! KK DH says I should make the bacon hat for cheddar :roflhard:


Jouf, great pattern you posted!

(not that I need to do ANOTHER hat…but heck, why not!?)


Hilde, did you start that hat yet? I have a friend who is definitely a “hat” person and I would love to make a bucket hat for her. Is the chemo cap one still the winner?

Yep, that’s the one I’m going to do, but I haven’t started yet! KK told me I had to finish something that’s not a bag before I started anything new. :rollseyes: I do have lots of finished bags… When do you think you’re going to start? Are n’t you doing the clogs too?

oh yes…I am quite the non-monogamous knitter!

I ususally have at least 3 projects going at once, if not more. I think its fun to be able to change it up a bit so I don’t get bored doing one project for too long.

So KK is the boss of you now, huh? :smiley:

yes. KK is very sneaky. She will lure you in with her niceness and sweetness and then all of a sudden you become her minion, and not only does she demand sycophantish praise CONSTANTLY, she also tries to run your life AND your knitting. :rollseyes:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Oh boy, now you’ve really done it! You’re going to have her stomping in here any minute.

[size=2]Run, Hilde, Run! Save yourself…there’s still time![/size]

Oh I love this brim hat .

There are so many felted hat patterns But

I don’t know how I feel about felting… I’m npot sure that I like the “feel” of it…

:hiding: :help: