Cotton Sock troubles

I just recently finished my first sock ever with some worsted weight yarn in a colour I love to pieces, but only had enough for the one sock. I did however find a bag of unloved yarn at the thrift store that had four skeins of Sugar N Cream in it (plus some other stuff that isn’t as lovely, only 3 dollars! :happydance: )

Anyway, I’m knitting up the first sock the same way I did my original first sock, but it looks…rather different, which I’m sure because of the cotton yarn, compared to acrylic.

My question is; is there anyway to fix the problems this is causing? The biggest is the fact that I get ladders something fierce if I knit normally, and if I do the thing where you are constantly rotating your stitches, it creates a a kind of sideways. A smaller problem is the increases on the toe… It’s not that big a deal, but it does look fairly sloppy, (I did a bar increase four times on each row, every other round.

I intend to make these as long as possible, with the leg being both colours in some pattern, which I’ve yet to decide. I’m worried that the laddering/pinching problem will be terrible on the leg and ruin the colour work.


This is the wonky sideways action

And here are the wonky toe increases

Help me salvage my pretty, and practically free yarn!

I’m sure it will straighten out when you block it. :thumbsup: